Posted by Cory List on 7th Aug 2014

Canadian Small Business Grants 2014

This page contains a table that give a brief outline of Small Business Grants available in Canada. We have the amounts available, a brief description and when hey expire. If any info or links are inco …

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Posted by Cory List on 24th Jul 2014

​The Best E-Commerce Platforms

Finding the right e-commerce platform is much like finding “the right partner”. It is a tedious process that is mostly trial and error, so you need to show some patience when searching for a match. …

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Posted by Cory List on 8th Jul 2014

Starting Cost at Google Adwords

When you begin to explore your different business marketing options, you will find that the use of Google Adwords is going to be useful. Web prominence relies greatly on visibility and traffic. Goo …

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Posted by Cory List on 11th Jun 2014

​Promoting a One-Week Sale

When you are running something important in your business, such as a promotion or a sale, you want to get the message across to all the people so that you can involve everyone and perfectly earn fr …

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Posted by Cory List on 28th May 2014

​Marketing Tips for Online Business

Marketing Tips for Online BusinessEvery kind business, big or small, needs to work with some kind of marketing strategy in order to have customers. For the business to be prosperous, it needs to pro …

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