Posted by Cory List on 11th Jun 2014

​Promoting a One-Week Sale

When you are running something important in your business, such as a promotion or a sale, you want to get the message across to all the people so that you can involve everyone and perfectly earn from this opportunity. Any promotion is only a good idea when the income you derive from it is massive. In other words, promoting such a sale is going to help your endeavour, in which case all these strategies will be of value:

  1. Facebook and other Social Networking Site. Facebook is a very powerful networking site because it houses a number of users who spend a good deal of their time online. This also applies with other social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and the likes, that will help increase visibility and so make your purpose well known to all.
  2. Google Adwords. Google Adwords will also help, you can monopolize certain keywords to drive traffic to your website, not only for the purpose of the ongoing promotion, but also for the overall reputation of the website which also serves are yours online shop. Google Adwords are good because it helps to bait people who actually need what you can give to them.
  3. Email, Direct Mail and Tele-Marketing. These three methods get you straight to the people who ought to know about your sale or promotion. Instead of waiting for people to find your site, you can get the information to them directly.
  4. Billboards and Posters. To successfully capture strangers and new clients, you can set out bait for more random people to gain access to. This is true, whether or not you have an actual store or not; billboards and posters set out all over the place will increase visibility and drive traffic to your business.
  5. Newspapers or Newsletters. Newspapers, local newsletters and other types of publications will help increase visibility and also your site’s popularity. By announcing your event through popular newspapers and newsletters, you get a hold of more people and you get to promote your sale to potential clients.

These are just examples of promotion strategies you can use. If you have big company events and happenings, and you want more people to know about it, you can use the above mentioned venues to spread your reach.