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Core List Canada is a website provider of Business Mailing and Contact Lists for Canadian businesses. These Lists of Business' and Companies in Canada are available to be instantaneously downloaded from our website. The databases comes as an Excel file and are often used by Companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large multinationals who wish to get in touch with various businesses from well targeted industries. They are designed for marketing and directly contacting businesses across all of Canada.

These Canadian business databases are sorted into different categories and each category segmented into the most common industries for ease of access. Whether you are after the phone numbers of Electricians in British Columbia, want to expand your service to Accountants in Quebec or put together a mailing list of all companies in Ontario to see if it is worth sending a Sales Person there, you should be able to fulfil these needs from our Companies databases.

You will be able to reach out to only the businesses in your target demographic, to save costs and wasted time in comparison to less specific advertising methods. We provide contacts for all of the Canadian Provinces and Cities, from BC to Nova Scotia, Manitoba to Nunavut. The greatest densities of business usually aligns with the population densities in the major cities, such as, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary, however this may vary for businesses that are geographically targeted. You can look through the Categories in the header of any webpages on this site. The business industries are grouped relative to their category.

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