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This List contains the basic contact information for 2,201,760 million Businesses in Canada. The database of Businesses details covers all Provinces in Canada.


This database contains the data from all of our other databases combined into one file. This list was updated September 2021.

This List of Canadian Businesses can be used as your own database of Businesses. It contains their basic contact information for you to contact or research the 1,967,340 Businesses, spread across every Canadian Province.

This list contains over 287,000 Contacts with emails. However, some emails are duplicated. If a business has multiple locations but has a main contact email, we just list the most prominently displayed email.

The Benefits Of Using Our Lists Include:

  • Your Convenience- Our Priority, we know you’ve got lots to do and are here to help!
  • An Up-to-Date List- We know that a list is no good if its contact information is out-of-date. We strive to give you a quality list to make your marketing dollars as effective as possible!
  • A Low Cost- We offer a flat rate for our lists, which drastically lowers the price.
  • An Easily Accessible and Convenient List- Because it comes as a Microsoft Excel File, it can easily be sorted in numeric or alphabetic order in the columns provided. This way you can easily separate contact by the required zip codes, cities or state you wish to target. You will see in the table below the columns available and an approximate number of complete details for that column (as a percentage).

* The Excel file provided will be easy to sort by the various columns (listed below). This way you can organize them by any column and select only the areas you wish to target by zip, city, industry or province. We have included approximate percentages for how many complete records are available in the columns. (This is averaged across all our Canadian Lists, so individual list will vary in percentages)

Column Quantity
Business Name  2,201,760
Address 1,736,573
Email 287,117
Phone 2,179,260











This Database of Businesses in Canada is available from us at Core List. If you need to instantly build up a database of contacts, this is an ideal platform to get started. Our lists reflect many different industries and are used by many different industries. Our lists are commonly used by and benefit the following industries:

  • Distributors of Office Supplies
  • Recruitment Agencies for Staffing and Employment
  • Inspectors for Occupational Health and Safety
  • Mail and Logistics Companies
  • Banks and Lenders
  • Media and Advertising Agencies
  • Business Insurance Brokers
  • Legal Firms
  • Accounting Agencies
  • Software Developers for Specific Industries
  • Computing Hardware Companies
  • Among Many Others!

And is ideally suited to people in the following roles:

  • Sales Representatives and Managers
  • Business People and Investors
  • Company Directors
  • Start Up Ventures
  • Individual Small Business Owners
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Compilers of Mailing Lists
  • Government Sectors

How This Works:

Once payment has been processed, we will send an email automatically from our system. This email will have your order details, download link and will serve as a Tax Invoice. Please note that all of our Lists are digital downloads, physical copies are not sent via Post.

Within around 20 minutes from completing the checkout process, you should receive the email (starting with ‘Your Order from Core List’) If it is not there, check the Spam or Junk Folder on your computer or email program. If you do not have it, visit our website and Log In to your account. One will have been created with the email you used so you can access your download. You may have to follow the prompts to reset the password and log in.


Available here is the most current Businesses List from September 2021. All our information has been obtained from readily available public records and compiled in an easy to use format. Mostly from online directories, phone books and government records, as these can often rely on various sources, we assume that the details obtained are up to date and correct. This is possible in all cases, but we strive to have to most accurate information possible.

As Canada (and most countries) has Anti-Spam Laws in place, you should be aware of these if you wish to purchase an email list off another supplier. You could land yourself in trouble if you bulk send emails to unknown recipients without following the rules. Read up on them here -

Following Legislation is the responsibility of the sender of the material, Core List Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for the messages you send using any information obtained from us.



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    Extremely professional

    Posted by Bea D. on 19th May 2022

    Extremely professional and easy to work with. Will certainly use it again

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    It’s direct, immediate, trackable, and effective.

    Posted by George Levi on 28th Apr 2020

    It’s direct, immediate, trackable, and effective. I was able to get in touch with my clients in a humble way.Thanks!

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    Useful database needs a refresh and great customer support

    Posted by zas on 1st Jul 2019

    As of the date of this review this database is slightly outdated and needs a refresh. However, the CoreList staff were courteous and responsive. They ultimately ensured that I had a useful dataset at a fair price.

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    This is awesome

    Posted by Clint on 25th Nov 2014

    I got this Business List to help me with all the companies and clients that I am looking for.In fact this list does not fail me. This is an inexpensive way to build up my contacts.