​Some Customers - Well They Are Not Customers, Taking the Pee!

Posted by Cory List on 23rd Aug 2014

​Some Customers - Well They Are Not Customers, Taking the Pee!


In business, you have to be creative and innovative. You need to offer something different and you need to find brilliant ways to lure people into your business. You need to be smart about this because different companies come up with all kinds of gimmick to keep things interesting.

The Case of Freebies

Some businesses do well with freebies. Freebies attract customers because it makes the product and services more enticing and so much more interesting to be had, so different companies offer them.

  1. Introductory freebies. Some freebies are given out completely. As a way of introducing the company to the market, you give away some products and services, as a means to give the people a taste of what you have to offer. You give something away, like fishing bait, and you hope that enough people are caught with your effort.
  2. Referral freebies. Some freebies can be given as a form of “thank you”. When a customer is kind enough to refer your business to a friend or family member, you can reward the referred with a bonus. This will encourage them to make more referrals.
  3. Package freebies. You can also present the freebies along with a solid purchase. To make a purchase more enticing, you can fix a handsome package which will include freebies along with the actual product or service. “Buy this and you get so much more”.
  4. Loyalty freebies. Another way to present freebies to customers is by giving them a loyalty card that earns points. This card will collect their points and earn incentives that they can use to obtain things for free.

Sometimes, customers will come to you and they will come for the “freebies”. They will come in, ask for what they think is due them and walk away. Customers and their sense of entitlement can be off-putting sometimes, but it is all part of the business. When you made that decision to be in business, you knew that it is part and parcel of the whole deal for you to encounter different types of people. There are different types of people and when you do business, you will meet a chunk of these people and you need to be prepared for them.