Posted by Cory List on 8th Jul 2014

Starting Cost at Google Adwords

When you begin to explore your different business marketing options, you will find that the use of Google Adwords is going to be useful. Web prominence relies greatly on visibility and traffic. Google Adwords can drive significant traffic into your website through the help of keywords. This method is open for all and you can set it up by yourself or have some expert run it for you.

Google Adwords campaigns will cost almost 400USD per month for a starter package. With this package, you can work with an expert and make use of his or her expertise for your benefit. At first glance, it could seem very costly, so other people will choose to run a DIY project for themselves.

Pros and Cons of Employing Google Adwords Experts


  • Guaranteed Results. A lot of people carry DIY efforts on their Google Adwords accounts. This works to some degree, but the results obtained will not compare with the results an expert could achieve when they do their magic. Google Analytics experts can guarantee significant changes within the first 30 days of their manipulation.
  • Less Commitment. When you choose to pay someone for the work you ought to do, you are saved a lot of time and effort. Instead of carrying things out on your own, you can entrust everything to an expert and focus your time and effort on other aspect of the business where your attention will be most valuable.


  • High Cost. The most significant disadvantage of hiring an expert is that they are expensive to work with. As quoted above, the most basic fees are about 400USD per month, and that is not easy to cover, especially if you are merely starting.
  • Minimal Control. Since you have entrusted the campaign to a more learned and experienced Google expert, you lose some control over the direction because you entrust it to them. In other words, they take the lead from you, but they carry things out according to they deem fit.