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The List of Supermarkets in Canada is an impressive resource that includes 26971 Supermarkets from all of the Provinces of Canada.

We supply the most comprehensive list of Supermarkets in Canada. This database contains newest and updated information as of August 2022 and the file is delivered in Microsoft Excel file format.

Our information is kept up to date with the latest public records such as  web and phone directories. We ensure we gather as much accessible information as possible. We have a database of 26971 Supermarkets which is inclusive of all provinces. 

The table below is a breakdown of the number of businesses available in each Province and Postal Code, containing the actual count from the Supermarkets Database.  

Category Category Count Province Province Count
Arts & Crafts Markets 38 AB 2804
Chains 77 Anjou 1
Department Stores 4074 BC 4014
Farmers Markets 797 MB 1033
Flea Markets 227 NB 544
Grocery Stores 15654 NL 446
Grocery Wholesalers 1264 NS 761
Shopping Centres & Malls 4282 NT 43
Shopping Mall Management & Leasing 558 NU 41
    ON 8923
    PE 112
    QC 5586
    SK 812
    YT 45
Email Count 1725    
Emails Missing 25246    
Phone Count 26752    
Fax Count 5361    
Website Count 13088    
Address Count 24481    
Co-ordinates Count 24212    


The Columns of data included are as follows.

Business name
Other Social

Supermarkets In Canada Download

With this download, you can search according to business name, business category, province, city, and so much more. You can focus on supermarkets in Nova Scotia, supermarkets in British Columbia, or supermarkets in the Northwest Territories. If you want to use this download to build a database of contacts across the entire country for your marketing or mailing list services, this software download is obviously going to be highly useful.

Downloading this software is the easiest thing in the world. Once the download has been completed, you will be able to access all of the information found here through Microsoft Excel. If you are a company that offers certain goods and services that are going to be of interest to supermarkets in a certain city, a certain province, or throughout the entire country, you can use this list to get right to the part where you’re contacting supermarkets to make them an offer. If you sell office equipment, office supplies, computer equipment, or computer software, it should go without saying that you can get something profoundly useful from this list. If you are a company that deals in advertising, or if you work with a job recruitment company, a list of supermarkets in Canada can make things considerably more straightforward for you.

And if you simply need a list of supermarkets in your area for personal reasons, it should be obvious that this list can give you that.

You can download the database instantly from this website.Core List provides customers with protection and peace of mind, by supplying legally obtained public information.Trust Core List: The comprehensive and reliable Canadian database.


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