Real Estate Agents in Canada

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Our Real Estate Agents in Canada Database is a helpful resource to effortlessly connect with new businesses.Below is the list of 52649 Real Estate Agents from every province of Canada.Downloading our database will enable you to locate the best Real Estate Agents for your specific requirements.

This database reflects the most current Real Estate Agents List as of April 2020.Our information is kept up to date with the latest public records such as  web and phone directories.We ensure we gather as much accessible information as possible.Information is supplied as a Microsoft Excel file so it compatible with most business databases. The accuracy of the list is dependent upon the sources that we have used.It is presented in a clear and organised format, which allows you to quickly identify the information that you need.

The table below is a breakdown of the number of businesses available in each Province and Postal Code, containing the actual count from the Real Estate Agents Database.

Category Category Count Province Province Count
Property Management 4271 AB 7443
Real Estate (General) 14275 BC 7580
Real Estate Agents & Brokers 12792 MB 1175
Real Estate Appraisers 970 NB 1062
Real Estate Brokers & Sales Representatives 5282 NL 681
Real Estate Consultants 1210 NS 1710
Real Estate Developers 2886 NT 35
Real Estate Investment 577 NU 13
Real Estate Lawyers 5892 ON 22399
Real Estate Management 3928 PE 289
Real Estate Rental & Leasing 566 QC 6534
    SK 784
    YT 60
Email Count 8544    
Emails Missing 44105    
Phone Count 52439    
Fax Count 11179    
Website Count 16531    
Address Count 40825    
Co-ordinates Count 40977    


And if you have professional interests that are compelling you to seek out a list of real estate agents in Canada, then you’re definitely going to love what this download software will bring to the table.

Real Estate Agents In Canada Download

Small business owners, government agencies, telemarketing companies, or mailing list companies are all potentially capable of utilizing a list such as this one. If you have business interests that depend very strongly on connecting with the real estate agents in your area, then this downloadable list is going to prove to be invaluable. You are not going to have to waste your valuable time and other resources on creating the database yourself. All of the work has been done for you.

And there are a wide variety of professionals who can potentially market their goods and services to real estate agents throughout Canada. If you consider yourself to be one of these people, then you are absolutely going to need this download. You can create a database of real estate agents and companies that are looking for financial advice, computer software, marketing services, office furniture, and other products of interest. You can then use this database to establish the crucial business connections that are going to help you get the sales you most certainly need.

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    Posted by Arnold T. on 23rd Mar 2015

    I got a real estate agent here in Rockport. Thank you.