The directories on this page are made entirely of Canadian business', these have been made available by Core List and are accessed by viewing the individual product page below. Our website and the lists are accessed any day of the year or time of day or night.

The business types categorized in this Business category is for general and ones we do not classify in the other sections. These are industries such as Architects, List of all the businesses in Canada, Bakeries, Butcher, Churches and Farmers to name a few.

If you need more specific detail on our databases below, please click on any of the titles or images which will take you to the product page for the number of Companies available in each list. These encompass business entities in cities, such as Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg and all other Cities and Provinces of Canada. The different industry databases are often used for tele-sales, research verification and as mailing databases to target direct marketing methods and industry and geographically refined research.

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